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About Us

Welcome to Clarkston Virtual!

Clarkston Virtual was developed to provide families with choice in their child’s education. Traditional public schooling isn't for everyone. No two students are the same.

At Clarkston Virtual we embrace the fact that every student is original, and has their own unique learning style. We also know that every student has a past, a story, and a bright future ahead of them. Clarkston Virtual offers students the opportunity to work at their own pace, on their own time schedule, from the comfort of their own home. Families have found that Clarkston Virtual students benefit from the additional flexibility of being able to work around their extracurricular activities, jobs/internships or other outside interests.Clarkston Virtual students can work virtually from anywhere in the world. 


To deliver high-quality, innovative K-12 education today, in order to create tomorrow’s leaders.


To provide K-12 students with flexible and rigorous virtual learning opportunities using innovative technologies, well-rounded curriculum(s), and an individualized educational delivery that will help them acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for future success. 


Clarkston Virtual helps students meet their fullest potential by working in partnership with families to provide rigorous virtual education that is CCS teacher-mentored and tailored to meet the needs of students from all academic backgrounds. Clarkston Virtual provides students with a top-notch education and  maintains valuable family relationships based on the shared belief that the student always comes first.

The choice is available for parents to request that their students(s) in grades K-12 be enrolled in virtual learning. Students in grades K-12 may choose complete (full day) online schooling or individual courses. Clarkston Community schools utilize the following curriculum providers for full-time students as well as students taking a portion of their classes virtually:

If you have any additional questions about online learning opportunities. If you would like to further discuss the online option, please contact Suzie Miller,  Supervisor of Special Programs at 248.623.5447 or


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Christa Fons, Ed.S., CPA
Executive Director of Special Programs
P: 248.623.5459

Suzie Miller
Supervisor of Special Programs
P: 248.623.5447

Kellie Garrett 
Administrative Assistant 
Virtual Enrollment & Document Requests 
P: 248.623.5416

Damon Rocho
Online Learning Coordinator
P: 248.623.5451

Lisa Nardone
P: 248.623.5442


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