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Grades 6-12

6th - 12th Grade Pearson Connexus

To help students and their families stay on track and well informed throughout the Clarkston Virtual experience, Clarkston Community Schools provides 24/7 access to Pearson Connexus®, our Clarkston Virtual online learning portal for grades 6 -12. Lessons, assignments, grades, teacher communications, and resources are organized and readily available. Teachers use the same system to stay up to date on student progress, to customize assignments, and to connect with families.

  • Pearson Connexus Support
  • Easy-to-use interactive platform
  • More than 500 courses
  • Advanced Placement courses
  • Ability to be manipulated by teachers
  • Quality resource for all stakeholders
  • Support the learning in classrooms
  • Aligned to Clarkston teaching
  • Countless benefits

6-12 Clarkston Virtual Student Family Orientation